Gabriela Calahorrano Hofstra University 2018 Hon. Edwina Mendelson CITY – Family, Queens (Administrative Judge)
Avi Walker Temple University 2018 Hon. Joanne D. Quinones CITY – Criminal, Kings
Janiel Myers Emory University 2018 Hon. Wilma Guzman STATE – Supreme Civil, Bronx
Gavrielle Kube Hofstra University 2018 Hon. Dean Kusakabe CITY – Family, Kings
Hena Vora Emory University 2018 Hon. Denny Chin FEDERAL -2nd CIR
Michelle Emokpae American University 2018 Hon. Margo Brodie FEDERAL – EDNY – DJ
Cristen Callan Hofstra University 2018 Hon. Pamela Chen FEDERAL – EDNY – DJ
Michael Chandeck American University 2017 Hon. Dora Irizarry FEDERAL – EDNY – DJ
Shelbi Vaughn Cornell University 2018 Hon. Kiyo Matsumoto FEDERAL – EDNY – DJ
Sarah Kim Emory University 2018 Hon. Marilyn Go FEDERAL – EDNY – MJ
Brenda Baddam Albany Law 2017 Hon. Ramon Reyes FEDERAL – EDNY – MJ
Mohammad Zaheerudin Hofstra University 2018 Hon. Kathleen Tomlinson FEDERAL – EDNY – MJ
Alexander Reza Hassanzadeh American University 2018 Hon. Analisa Torres FEDERAL – SDNY – DJ
Natalie Rios Fordham University 2018 Hon. Sarah Netburn FEDERAL – SDNY – MJ
Andrea Jung UPenn 2018 Hon. Peter Tom STATE – App Div, 1st Dept
Rachel Hong Emory University 2018 Hon. Jeffrey Oing STATE – Commercial, NY County
Gloria Liu Duke University 2018 Hon. Genine D. Edwards STATE – Supreme Civil, Kings
Rachelle Alexandre Howard University 2018 Hon. Carolyn Wade STATE – Supreme Civil, Kings
Safia Fasah Hofstra University 2018 Hon. Tanya Kennedy STATE – Supreme Civil, NY County
Philip Pierre Buffalo Law School 2017 Hon. Pam Jackman Brown STATE – Supreme Civil, Queens
Xinia Bermudez Brooklyn 2018 Hon. Peggy Kuo EDNY – MJ
Danielle Clayton Brooklyn 2018 Hon. Carmen Velasquez Civil, Queens
George Seyffert Brooklyn 2018 Hon. John Lansden Housing, Queens
Hamada El Tatawy Brooklyn 2017 Hon. Eric Vitaliano EDNY – DJ
Jessica Foong Brooklyn 2018 Hon. Javier Vargas Housing, Bronx
Jonathan Sanabria Brooklyn 2018 Hon. Ruben Martino Family Court, Bronx
Melissa Johnson St. Johns University 2019 Hon. Edgardo Ramos SDNY – DJ

“…The combination of legal research in a time-sensitive environment and continuous courtroom observation allowed me to refine me writing skills and make more efficient arguments…””

– Rebecca Choi, Washington University in St. Louis, Class of 2015


“The opportunity to work with multiple law clerks, complete assignments ranging from motions to full opinions, and experience a federal district courthouse with Judge Irizarry as a mentor made for an incredible experience.”

– Antonio David, George Washington School of Law, Class of 2013


“…[The] Judicial internship taught me something beyond the four corners of textbooks, and for the very first time, I know what real practice looks like. Thanks JMB JIP for providing such a great platform and resource…”

– YiJun Han, Emory School of Law, Class of 2015