2018 High School Interns

Abdelkader Achibat Bronx High School of Science Hon. Anne-Marie Jolly
Jordrick Argudo City College Academy of the Arts Hon. Mary Ann Brigantti
Linda Bueno Pace High School Hon. James E. d'Auguste
Anwen Burns Bard High School Early College Hon. Dean Kusakabe
Erika Cruz Vasquez New Utrecht High School Hon. Raymond L. Rodriguez
Tahj Damon Brooklyn College Academy Hon. Jacqueline B. Deane
Sanaa Davis-McClain Benjamin N. Cardozo High School Hon. Margo K. Brodie
Jenay Florial John Dewey High School Hon. Diccia T. Pineda-Kirwan
Melkisedec Francois William Cullen Bryant High School Hon. James Cott
Shaniyah Frazier Herbert H. Lehman High School Hon. Henry Pitman
Thomas Giral Forest Hills High School Hon. Stewart D. Aaron
Salma Hassan Tottenville High School Hon. Mario Mattei
Athalia Hylton City College Academy of the Arts Hon. Steven M. Gold
Marieya Jagroop Queens Gateway to Health Sciences Secondary School Hon. Connie Gonzalez
Joan Kang Stuyvesant High School Hon. Javier E. Vargas
Ahmed Katary Fort Hamilton High School Hon. Lois Bloom
Ryan Leung Horace Mann Hon. Joanne D. Quinones
Katherine Mateo Lower Manhattan Arts Academy Hon. Vera M. Scanlon
Chelsea Mejia Park East High School Hon. Eneida Pilar Sanchez
Kaitlin Mendez Forest Hills High School Hon. Kiyo A. Matsumoto
Arooj Munir James Madison High School Hon. Pamela K. Chen
Serenidy Nieves-Rios Spellman High School Hon. Denny Chin
Adam Ramirez Cypress Hills Collegiate Preparatory School Hon. James Orenstein
Sarah Ramsumair Harry Truman High School Hon. Doris M. Gonzalez
Frandy Rodriguez Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics Hon. Sarah Netburn
Jonathan Rodriguez Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce Hon. Bernice Siegal
Trinity Rojas Academy of Mount Saint Ursula Judge Andrea Masley
Alicia Sanchez Maspeth High School Hon. Carmen Velasquez
Samiah Sarsour Fort Hamilton High School Hon. Edwina Richardson-Mendelson
Thursday Williams William Cullen Bryant High School Hon. Pam Jackman-Brown
Tasnima Zaman Trinity School Hon. Robert E. Torres
Amy Zaretsky Brooklyn Technical High School Hon. Carol Amon


"Overall this internship has changed my life. When one thinks about law they typically think about show like law and order or suits but the reality of it is that it is so much more. It is hard work and dedication to both Justice and the people. Everyday going into work was a breath of fresh air because it was hands on and you meet different people and network with different individuals. Most of all the best thing about this internship was that I was put into some where that was foreign to me and my knowledge was absorbed, tripled and given back to me, ultimately leaving me with knowledge that I am proud to say was due to this internship."

- Jenay Florial, SCS JIP Alumna from Summer of 2018


"I had a wonderful experience throughout the course of the internship. I learned so much from my judge to his staff. They all welcomed me and were willing to answer any questions I had. The workshops were great, they all touched different topics that affects us during our lives. The resources provided are amazing. Overall this internship is one of a kind. It is motivational,inspirational and packed with help. I would do it all over again."

- Erika Cruz Vasquez, SCS JIP Alumna from Summer of 2018


"Just watching a Supreme Court Justice speak, who is a minority like me, gave me hope for my own future. She was very eloquent and remember how amazed I was for her responses to specific questions."

- Joan Kang, SCS JIP Alumna from Summer of 2018


"This was an amazing way to spend my summer. I met law school students who were impressed that we were doing the same exact internship. I have met many great peers who I still keep in contact with. I now have mentors that are willing to help me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Even if they aren't pursuing a career in law, it was a phenomenal experience."

- Sarah Ramsumair, SCS JIP Alumna from Summer of 2018


"This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to participate in this. It was a life changing experience that helped me understand the legal world itself and see for myself the nitty gritty of a courthouse. This program offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for us high schoolers, and I couldn’t be more thankful because of it. Everything I learned from the program will stick with me for the rest of my life, and will make choosing a career path much simpler!"

- Thomas Giral, SCS JIP Alumna from Summer of 2018


"Meeting Justice Sotomayor was an honor I could not have ever dreamed of! Moreover, working alongside a Federal Judge and law clerks has been life transforming for me. The law interns were great to work aside and even the other high school interns proved great to meet. I had fun throughout my time. My favorite part was the settlement conferences. I really was given an opportunity to see and hear people when the pressure of "being on the record" was taken away."

- Ahmed Katary, SCS JIP Alumna from Summer of 2018